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- Oil Flood reclaimer 
- High efficiency filter
- Oil Recovery more than 99%
- All internal components of the pump are flood in oil
- No oiler adjustment
- Reduces pump noise
- Oil autonomy of several hundred hours
- Environment remains clean at the outlet exhaust
- Ball Valve to facilitate oil changes
- Oil vacuum 1st quality with additive (not included)
need of
1x 5 gallons for reclaimer 10 "# 01280428
2x 5 gallons for reclaimer 15 "# 01280429
3x 5 gallons for reclaimer 20 "# 01280493
But oil capacity may be less with oil cooler
- Oil filter high performance
- Oil and vacuum resistant hose
Can be built without dissipating fins on request a credit would be issued
Need a check valve between the pump and the moisture trap (not included)  

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