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Cold Water Pressure Washer

Pressure: 3000 psi
Flow rate: 10.0 gpm
Industrial Pump TSF2421 1450RPM
Maximum temperature: 145 ° F
20hp electric motor TEFC 550VOLT
(also available on 208/230/460 3phase)
Filter to the inlet
Pressure glycerine gauge
Pressure unloader
50' hose
Swivel under the gun
Anti-fatigue type of trigger gun
Single wand
Quick cuppler nozzle
Delivery 2 weeks

Stationary steel frame # AE30100S550V, AE30100SK550V, AE30100SA550V 
Mobile steel frame with 4 wheels # AE30100550V, AE30100K550V, AE30100A550V
Stationary stainless steel frame# AE30100SI550V, AE30100SIK550V, AE30100SIA550V(Picture shown is AE13450SIA)
Mobile stainless steel frame with 4 wheels # AE30100I550V, AE30100KI550V, AE30100AI550V (Picture shown is AE2040IAT)

Electric control

Manual (ON-OFF)
Automatic start and STOP
* Automatic start and stop industrial with high temperature security and low pressure security to prevent run without water
* Type of low pressure security must be specify when ordering. We have float safety when you use a tank , vacuum safety or standard with the low pressure security (Min 20psi)
Picture may differ from reality

Turbo nozzle, additional hose lenght and hose reel must be ordered separately 

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