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Compact vacuum pump 8 to 125CFM (Electric) 800 to 12 500 taps

  • $1,00000
  • Save $000

Vacuum pump until 0.1"HG of maximum 

(29.9'' HG at sea level and varies with atmospheric pressure) 

Could work with hydraulic vegetable oil. Built with a compact design to use where saving space is a priority
Rotary vane pump
Oil reclaimer 


We recommend for a normal installation 10CFM à 15''hg for each 1000 taps

Pump A025
Capacity  21ACFM and at 15''HG 8CFM (800 taps)
# 01281061 3600rpm for motor 1.5hp 56C

Pump A063
Capacity 45ACFM and at 15''HG 15CFM (1500 taps)
# 01281062 1750rpm for motor 3hp 184TC

Pump A100
Capacity 71ACFM and at 15''HG 30CFM (3000 taps)
# 01281091 1750rpm for motor 5hp 184TC

Pump A160
Capacity 113ACFM and at 15''HG 60CFM (6000 taps)
# 01281063 1750rpm for motor 7.5hp 213TC

Pump A200
Capacity 141ACFM and at 15''HG 70CFM (7000 taps)
# 01281090 1750rpm for motor 10hp 215TC

Pump A250
Capacity 177ACFM and at 15''HG 80CFM (8000 taps)
# 01281064 1450rpm for motor 10hp 215TC

Pump A300
Capacity 211ACFM and at 15''HG 100CFM (10000 taps)
# 01281065 1450rpm for motor 15hp 254TC

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